Ninja BL770

Ninja BL770

Ninja BL770 Blender Reviews for Juice or Smoothie Lovers Ninja Blender BL770 review here helps you to understand why you have to buy and use this product at home. It has great features along with stylish design. So, what do you need to know about this blender?
Ninja BL770
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Ninja BL770

A Multifunction Blender

What makes people love to use this blender is because of it is a multifunction product. You are not only able to blend specific ingredients but also chop, crush, knead, and juice those ingredients. Even a solid product such as ice can be crushed easily. That’s why you can create a glass of fresh and cold fruit juice anytime you want.

Stylish Design

One of important things to discuss in Ninja BL770 reviews is the design of the product. This blender is a stylish product along with simple design. The stainless steel material is safe and strong enough to keep the ingredients until they are blended or crushed smoothly. The combination between glass and black make this blender elegant and perfect for any kind of kitchen theme. The size is compact enough so you don’t need extra large place on the kitchen only to put this blender.

Easy to Adjust Speed

Speed is very important so you can just crush or blend the ingredients perfectly just like what you want. It is also what Ninja BL770 offers to the users. This product has 4 different speeds from the slowest up to the fastest. Later, you can adjust the speed whether you want to create smoothies, juice, ice crushing, and many more. It is super easy and you got what you want.

Large Capacity with Low Electricity Power

It is also important to talk about the capacity and the electricity power. Just imagine if you have to prepare juice for the whole family and you only have a small blender at home. It takes time and energy! Besides designing with 4 different speed levels, this blender is also designed for up to 72 ounce capacity. It is large enough and perfect for daily needs. At the same time, you don’t have to use too much electricity power. It is only need 1.500 watt output and it doesn’t make you to spend extra money for electricity bill.


All the materials are BPA free so it is safe for foods. Moreover, you can also wash this product easily so you can use it anytime you want without anything to worry about. This blender is also designed with chemical free to keep the quality and hygiene of your foods. There will be no contamination and you can enjoy your favorite foods. The most important thing, you can feel the health benefits maximally.

Easy to Use

With larger bowl, you can easily use this blender. Just open the cover and put the ingredients you want to blend there. Just make sure that the weight is not more than 72 ounce so this product blends the ingredients maximally. Put the cover back and start to turn on the power and adjust the speed. Just wait for a few minutes while the blender crushes everything into smooth ingredient. That’s it! You are ready to use the new ingredient for cooking or enjoy it freshly. It is really great option for juice or smoothie lovers to make favorite drinks faster in the morning.

From the explanation above, it can be said that this product is a recommended blender. Those considerations above are enough to make you sure to buy it. This is a solution for busy people who need to prepare fresh juice or smoothie in the morning. There will be no problem at all and you can fill your vitamins to keep your health. Consider this Ninja BL770 review and find your best blender.

Ninja BL770 Review to Make Final Decision

Ninja BL770 review here prevents you to make mistake in buying a new blender. At least, you can take this blender on your list before considering the best blender to buy. So, let’s discuss a little bit about this product and why people use it at home.

Unique Features

For your information, Ninja BL770 is offering three different versions. Those are the mega kitchen system, mega kitchen system with nutria ninja, and mega kitchen system with meal prep kit. You will also get 8 cup processing bowls. The bowl can be used for various purposes such as making dough or processing food. This is also due to the two blades included which are dough blade and chopping blade. The blade is made of stainless steel and it is easy to remove. The removable blade makes those blades easy to clean so you can use it just like before with maximal hygiene.

Approved Safety Materials

Besides using stainless steel, this blender is using plastic as the secondary material. You don’t need to worry about that because all the plastic materials installed in this blender are BPA free. They are also easy to clean and safe enough to clean by putting it on the dishwasher.

The Pros

Most of users are written a positive Ninja BL770 Blender review. It is not an exaggeration opinion. Mainly because of its single serve option in order to make everything easy to serve. Moreover, it is also about the removable blades. Because you can remove the blades, you can wash all the parts of the blade. It keeps the hygiene. This is the different between blender from Ninja and any other blenders. Nut butter lovers really satisfy with this blender. This blender helps them to enjoy smooth and delicious homemade nut butter. Definitely, you can also make dough easier and faster with single tool. How about crushing ice? Don’t underestimate this product because you are about to see the blade crushes the solid ice into snow in a few minutes. In short, the feature is great and ready to support your daily needs in the kitchen.

Minor Issues

This blender has specific minor problem. Let say, it seems that this product is not suitable for blending fibrous foods. Some people were unsatisfied with the motor because it stops working after six months. Luckily the warranty works well to solve this solution but it might work well longer as long as you use it in standard and based on the instruction.

Ninja BL770 review above shows the real performance of this blender and good information before buying it.

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